East Grinstead bus running day

The ex Brighton Hove and District open top bus owned by the Trust took part in the East Grinstead bus running day on April 30th. The bus is a Bristol K5G and was delivered to BH&D for use on the seafront service as an open topper in 1939 in an unfinished state, owing to the outbreak of war. It entered service in 1940 having been fitted out in the Holland Road works of the company. In the early 1950’s it was rebuilt as a convertible open top bus, with a removable roof, to enable it to be used on town services in the winter.

On the East Grinstead bus running day it was used on an intensive round-the-town free service and proved so popular that the crew sometimes had to turn away potential passengers as it was full up before departure. Despite the chilly day, with rain threatening in the afternoon, use of the top deck proved most popular, particularly with children who had probably never seen a bus like ours, much less ridden on one!

One of our trips involved a party of people dressed in the styles of the 1960’s who were re-enacting the TV series of the time “On The Buses” They rode on the top deck whilst being filmed singing the theme song from the series. Our crew of Tinkers Park volunteers all joined in with the fun, even though our driver Geoff was keen to point out that he did not look a bit like Reg Varney!

Our vintage open topper is scheduled to be running free bus services again on the Eastbourne bus running day Sunday July 2nd, The Tinkers Park Model railways Plus weekend of August 5th and 6th and at the Isle-of Wight Beer and Buses weekend of October 14th and 15th.